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Terms and definitions

The website – located at https://www.foodguide.in.ua service.

Administration – a group of employees of the Site and its Trustees, establishing the procedure for use of the Site, supporting its work monitoring the implementation of the Visitors of this Agreement.

Visitor – any individual who has ever made the access to the Site, have reached the age allowed for the acceptance of this Agreement.

1. General provisions

1.1. This Agreement constitutes the offer terms for use of the Site, in the face of the Administration of the website and the Visitor, and governing the conditions and procedure for the use of resources, services, opportunities provided by the Administration for the Visitor.

1.2. Getting access to the Website, the Visitor agrees to the contents of this Agreement. In case of disagreement with the terms of the Agreement, the Visitor should be terminated immediately.

1.3. Use of information posted on the Website is governed by the applicable legislation of Ukraine.

1.4. During each use of the Website, the Visitor agrees to the terms of this Agreement as in force at the time of its actual use. The agreement may be amended and/or supplemented by the Administration unilaterally without any special notice. This Agreement is a public document. The current version of the terms is on the Internet at: https://www.foodguide.in.ua/offerta. The continued use of the Site by Visitor after you make administration changes and/or additions to this Agreement constitutes acceptance of and consent by Visitor of such changes and/or additions. The administration encourages the Visitor to regularly check this Agreement for changes and/or additions.

2. The terms of use of Website

2.1. To browse the Site to access its content, leave feedback, comments and conduct of online communication have the right as a registered (have an account/personal account) and unregistered Site Visitors. An account means the aggregate information about the Visitor and authorization data (login, password).

2.3. Personal information is collected on the basis of voluntary expression of the Visitor. The administration does not require a registration form or provide personal information to view the Site, gaining access to its content, the ability to leave reviews, comments and discuss online communication on the Website.

2.4. Each Visitor agrees to the email address specified during actual use of the Site, notification and indefinite consent to receive commercial, advertising, other proposals from the Administration , and if a Visitor expresses an intention to opt out of receiving the above information, it has the option in the newsletter email to make the necessary changes by putting the check box for flag buttons “Unsubscribe”.

2.5. During a visit to the Site Administration carries out the collection and processing of data, namely data provided by the Visitor in the course of using the Website, cookies, IP addresses, parameters and settings of the Internet browsers.

2.6. The visitor by its acceptance of this Agreement indicates and acknowledges that he has read and fully accepts the conditions of use of the Website will comply with this Agreement that is familiar with the rights of personal data concerning him, as well as the fact that it voluntarily provided personal data is the consent to their inclusion in the database of personal data Administration, processing, changes, additions.

3. The rules of communication

3.1. The website invites You to Express your opinion and participate in discussions with each other via comments. Encouraged open communication, but you must follow the following points while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for all of our readers. The administration reserves the right to edit and moderate comments, and reserve the right to remove and edit published content.

3.2. Respect each other. Debate — that’s fine, but aggression is not. Please refrain from abusive, rude or threatening comments. If you attack another user or the author, Your comments and answers to this review can be removed from the discussion. Attack create an unpleasant atmosphere and discourages discussion. You are fully responsible for libel and defamation.

3.3. Watch expressions. Vulgar posts may offend other readers. Our filters are very tolerant, but too much profanity can be a barrier to post. Please note that comments can be edited by the moderator for any reason, including profanity. In such cases, we always try to explain the reason for the changes, typically by means of personal correspondence.

3.4. Don’t shy away from the topic. Comments should be related to the topic discussed in the article or post. Having no comments will be deleted or will get a negative rating.

3.5. Don’t impersonate another.

3.6. Spam will be removed. Not welcome the content used for commercial purposes or for collecting money. If it detects such content, we reserve the right to remove them.

3.7. Users can report their dissatisfaction about the posted content. If one user complained about another user or visitor, the moderator will consider the complaint at the earliest opportunity. It may take a few days, although we hope that the test will be faster.

3.8. Stop and think before you comment. We will not delete comments if the reader or the author regrets about writing it. Please remember that each comment has its own link and story on the Internet.

3.9. Do not give your personal information in the comments. We are strictly against ensure that our visitors leave their personal information (address, phone number, place of employment) and may remove any comment which we find personal data of users, visitors, or other people’s personal information, otherwise it violates the right to privacy.

3.10. Violations of our guidelines can lead to removal from the number of comments. If you think that you are banned by mistake, please contact us.

IMPORTANT! The willful distribution of knowingly false information discrediting the honor and dignity of another person stipulated by the Criminal Code of Ukraine punishment in the form of a penalty to 50 free minima of the income of citizens or public works for the term up to 200 hours, or correctional labor for a term up to one year.

libel common the Internet provides responsibility in the form of a fine from 50 up to 300 free minima of the income of citizens or public works for a term of 150 to 240 hours, or correctional labor for up to one year. In the case of admission to law or a request Executive letter regarding the provision of information on the face of the possible spreading of deliberately false information or libel, we will be required to provide information about the above person.

4. Privacy policy

4.1. The visitor acknowledges and agrees that the content of the Site – intellectual property, including trademarks for goods and services, texts, descriptions, features, videos, images, the overall style and method of supplying this content, which was in accordance

order and are the property of their respective owners.

4.2. The publication, recreation, distribution, moving, or selling any information obtained from the Site materials, as well as acts that pose a threat of infringement of intellectual property rights of their rightful owners without their written consent is prohibited, otherwise the customer has the responsibility under the current legislation of Ukraine.

4.3. The administration does not control the content of sites, links to which are posted on the Website, therefore can not be held responsible for the content of those sites as well and posted them links. The administration reserves the right at any time to terminate any link or linking program. The administration does not give any warranties in respect of the companies or products referenced on the Website. Deciding to take posted on this Site links to third party sites, Visitor does so at his own risk.

5. Limitation of liability

5.1. Use of resources, services, and features of the Site are provided as a service for Visitors and for informational purposes only.

5.2. The visitor accepts the content of the Website according to the principle “as is” (i.e. in that form which is provided by the Administration) without warranty of any kind, including warranties of market qualities, non-infringement of intellectual property or fitness for use for any purpose. The content of the Website is for informational purposes only, and may not be used for any other purposes and its use is at your own risk of the Visitor.

5.3. The use of any information uploaded through the use of the Website is at the discretion and own risk of the Visitor, only the Visitor is solely responsible for any damage to its computer system or other device or loss of data caused by downloading any information from the Site.

5.4. Administration is not responsible for actual losses and lost profits during the use of the Website, in case of data loss or other negative consequences arising out of or in conjunction with use of the Site, the documentation, the provision of or failure to provide services, or information available on the Website.

5.5. The administration does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information: text, graphics, links or other components contained on the Website.

5.6. The administration reserves the right to change or remove, temporarily or permanently, the Website (or any part) with or without notice.

6. Rights of the Visitor and Administration

6.1. The visitor is solely responsible for posted information: reviews, comments, online communication, as well as for the consequences of such placement and published on the Website.

6.2. If the Administration finds obvious evidence of the violation of intellectual property rights the Visitor, it reserves the right to remove such information in its sole discretion and without prior notice.

6.4. The visitor acknowledges that the Administration has the discretion to review or preview posted by the Visitor information. The administration has the right in its sole discretion to remove posted information from the Website.

6.5. The Site administration makes every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the Site, additional resources posted on it, however, is not responsible for loss or partial loss of any information that was posted on the Website, including for insufficient quality or speed of service at the location, reproduction and demonstration information on the Website.

6.7. Visitor fully understands and confirms that the Site Administration is not responsible for actual losses, including, without limitation, lost profits, arising as a result of:

– from the use of or inability to use the Website;

– statements review third party on the Website;

– removal of Administration;

– other cases pertaining to the use of the Site;

– full or partial loss of materials, comments and any other information due to malfunction of the Website;

not the correct display of the pages with a browser of the Visitor.

7. Dispute resolution

7.1. In case of any differences or disputes between the parties to the Agreements essential before recourse to the court is a claim (a written proposal on the voluntary settlement of the dispute).

7.2. The recipient claims within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt, notify the applicant of the outcome of a claim.

7.3. In case of impossibility to resolve the dispute voluntarily, either party has the right to address in court for protection of their rights provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

You have no right to use the Website and visit the page located in the area of domain names foodguide.in.ua in the case of disagreement with this agreement and the Rules, please immediately leave our site.

Criminal Code

Criminal liability for copyright infringement is stipulated by Article 176 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Such violation entails a fine or correctional labor up to 2 years, or imprisonment for up to 6 years.

Administrative Code

The intellectual property right is inviolable. No one shall be deprived of the right to intellectual property, except in cases provided for by law


The sources of intellectual law include not only legislative acts and relevant subordinate legislation (directives), but judicial precedents that have a significant impact on the formation of intellectual property norms.

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