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Catalogue of pizzerias in your city.

Try delicious pizza in the popular pizzerias of your city. Just on the verge of you there are restaurants with the famous Italian pizza! Choose your favorite one from our list. Here you will find descriptions, photos of interior, decoration, menu, and location of institutions on the map.

Pizza is a national Italian dish that has conquered the whole world with its simplicity and taste for a long time. But where is the best pizza prepared? Of course in pizzerias! Here is known all details of cooking this popular dish. But how to choose a suitable pizzeria for the rest? First you should know their varieties. The simplest type of pizzeria is a fast food pizzeria. Here you will be quickly fed in relaxing atmosphere earning your money. This is a good place, but there are also more cozy and suitable places not just for a snack, but for long gatherings or meetings with friends.

A classic pizzeria is a place with a large selection of pizzas` toppings. Here you can find popular recipes and recipes of author's cuisine. This small institution will dip you into Italian entourage and allow you to eat well. But pizzeria-restaurant can offer you a full immersion into the world of Italian cuisine. Though pizza is the main dish here, you can also pamper yourself with something else, including the large selection of wines and other drinks.

Apart from these institutions there are pizzerias specialized in pizzas` delivery. These are small establishments that in a short period of time will deliver you the chosen pizza and it will be hot! Despite the differences between pizzerias, everywhere pizza is equally tasty!