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The catalog of the nearest bars of your city.

Visit the best institutions from the category bars on FoodGuide. Here you will find a complete list of good bars in walking distance from you. Evaluate the interior of the institutions on photos, get acquainted with their menu, find on the map or get any other contact or useful information (reviews and ratings) with the help of FoodGuide.

Among the bars distinguish three categories: luxury, top class and first class.

In the first class bar you will be served by a friendly bartender or waitress, on tables, instead of tablecloths, will lie individual wipes. Such institutions are made in the same style, and music is played by special equipment. The choice of alcoholic drinks of different strengths is quite large, as is the number of snacks for them, but all snacks are simple cooked.

In the institution of the highest class, you will find original design of the interior, comfortable furniture, completely corresponding to the style and theme of the bar, and lighting directed to the walls and ceiling, to create a special atmosphere. The assortment of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, snacks and even meals is distinguished by the breadth of choice and refinement. The service staff is dressed in the form of a company and has a special ability to work with clients. Usually in these places are organized musical shows with performances by singers and musicians. A great place for an evening getaway.

Luxury bars are institutions with the highest level of service and price range. To serve customers, they use brand-name dishes made of crystal or porcelain and, and the service staff is highly qualified. Here you will find a huge variety of alcoholic beverages (overseas and domestic) and meals of many cuisines. Such institutions are great for evening leisure, banquets and festivities.