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The nearest canteens on the map of your city.

Visit the dining rooms nearby you. Here you will be tasty fed, earning your money. It is an excellent option for those who value their time, but want to eat tasty. In our catalogue there are many different establishments in the catagory Canteens and full information about them is given. Here you can check the feedback of visitors, address of the dining room, phone number, photos and menus.

Canteen is a special kind of public catering that combines fast customer service and large selection of hot and cold dishes at affordable prices. The realization of food takes place in the following way: customers choose the dishes they like from the showcase or line and put them on the tray, then pay for everything and go to the hall. The hall is quite ascetic, but comfortable. The system it quite simple and convenient, but it is typical for the most simple dining rooms, which are based in production facilities, educational institutions or similar to them and serve visitors just to increase the basic profit.

Canteens with better service that oriented to commercial results provide much higher level of service. Here can be not just self-service, but also service by waiters who takes an order and brings dishes to the table. The design of hall in such institutions is performed at a higher level. For example, it is often used special design or zoning space to separate visitors.

Another type of canteens are establishments focused on delivering orders to customers. It can be private individuals, big companies and office centers that provide food to their employees. In any case the dining room is an ideal place for office workers, students and other people who value their time, money and want to enjoy home cooking.