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Catalogue of clubs in your city.

Visit the closest clubs to you and spend your time with pleasure. In our catalogue there are collected many clubs of various directions and presented full up-to-date information about them: addresses, phone numbers, photos and visitors' reviews. With our help you can easily plan your leisure time.

What is a club? A club is a meeting place for people with the same views and interests. There are many different clubs, for example nightclubs, bowling clubs, billiard, rock clubs, cabaret, cigar clubs and strip clubs. Each of them has different target audience, but the ultimate goal is an entertainment of visitor. The internal design of clubs is also made in accordance with style and focus of club and for visitors it can be provided dress code and face control. Sometimes an entrance fee or a monthly fee are set.

The range of services in such institutions can not be strictly limited or defined, because there is no single format that would be determined by each particular club. In the bowling club in addition to bowling it is easy to operate a buffet or even a cafe, and services of a cigar club can be provided in a specially designated part of the night club hall. As a rule the choice of dishes in the menu is not very diverse (it is due to the fact that people here do not want to eat, but to have fun*;, but the list of alcoholic beverages, energy specialists and the most exotic cocktails can be so huge. The only thing the clubs are limited to is the imagination of their owners. It is an absolutely unconstrained format of leisure organization, which gives a lot of impressions and pleasures to customers.