10 types of customers who are sincerely hated by all bartenders

A guy who just asks to be kicked out. Well, you know exactly these people. First they sit in the company, nazhirajutsja up to a porous squeal and start to behave so, that to friends becomes very much for them awkwardly. They turn into some crazy individuals, they want to go to the bar around and round, stick to people, they molest girls. But when someone from the staff asks them to leave the premises, know that they are vital to take and pull out of the bar. As soon as possible! Know this and you, if inclined to desire to induce. In the bar there can be guards who will pull the jerk out of the way in the street and quite well can apply it. The barman can call the police. Sometimes there are completely original cases. When in one crowded bar, one moron shouted and pestered people. After that, from one table, the figure of a strong peasant broke off, who silently got up and drove the dude into the face. And peace and peace came. Not only that such personalities do not like bartenders themselves, so they still make visitors feel uncomfortable, as well as their friends. For such behavior forever can close the entrance to the bar.

Savior. It’s hard to say why bartenders can not stand these people. There is a type of client who comes to the bar, orders a little booze and starts to cause the least inconvenience. That is, when they order a snack, they will necessarily rub the surface of the table, if it suddenly fell crumbs. Rinse the bar, if it remains perspiring, smile the bartender, leave a good tip and will try to bother the barman as little as possible. Even drinks are simply ordered. If everything were so simple and all customers would be like that, all the people of the world would work in bars. It would decently undermine the prestige of the bartender’s profession. And so it is impossible! By the way, such saints look very strange. Somewhere in the depths of their souls there live bad people!

Businessmen or wealthy guys. They try in every possible way to show that they rule the world and are well versed in business. Of course, because some of them are paid by corporate cards. They can order a lot, communicate, sometimes talk about work, while they are constantly trying to show the world that they are wealthy, life tycoons and generally blue blood. Sometimes they behave in a boorish way, although they are dressed in their expensive suits. In fact, they hate their work, they can have average prosperity and just want to seem more expensive. But what is most unpleasant, they never leave a normal amount of tipping. Either this will be less than what is supposed to be, or a little more. Apparently, these guys do not know how to use a calculator on their iPhones.

Dudes who need a dog. All bartenders love regular customers. As in any institution. It’s always nice to see a familiar face, throw a couple of phrases and repeat the standard order. But all bartenders hate regular customers. These guys or girls are best placed to find themselves a normal true friend. Or get a dog. If a bartender gives you a drink, it does not mean that you are friends, it means only that he gives you a drink. Let him be a sensitive soul, but he is not a psychologist to listen to all your problems. The barman does not want to hear about your divorce, he does not want to hear that your guinea pig has died, he does not want to know that you have contracted herpes, just find a normal friend. Also this does not mean that it should be added to the friends of the social network or invited on Saturday for a dinner party.

Those that are too long delayed. It is also important for the barman to go home. But necessarily in the crowded bar there is a certain person who sits there already for eternity and which you can not easily drive out. The barman washed the glasses, counted the day’s earnings, rubbed the bar, but this man again asks for an update. If you are one of these people, look around! Nobody here! YOU are alone in this fucking bar, and you do not need to rock right in the spirit: “The customer is always right!”. The client is right only when the bar is working, and not when it is closed. Know that!

The person who asks the questions. Perhaps this person is bored. He sits closer to the bartender, opens the menu and begins to ask. And what is this ingredient? What is frappe, is it not contagious? And I’m allergic to squirrels and cognac, are not they there? And what’s the degree? And how did you do it? Can I hold you for a tie? And you have a typo here! Separately, barmen are harassed by various clever men who begin to rant about the height of the foam in beer, the whiskey and the type of fermentation. Do not distract the bartender from his work!

First time in the city. This applies to both foreign tourists and those who first came to the big city. These people start to pester the bartender, like he’s some kind of guide, asking him about places worth visiting, cheap cafes and other things. The barman is not a guide, he is not paid for this, and this week you have such twenties!

Hipster or snob. Do you have Dr. Pepper? He is normal? And beer of incomplete fermentation? A mixture of beer? And a small spoon for mixing? Is there a “Hobgoblin”? And beer from local breweries? What about homemade beer? I do not drink ordinary beer: it’s disgusting, give me an elite beer! Do you accept the cards?

Loud girls. In each company there is one or two such. The girl who giggles and laughs and screams so loud that you can hear it through the music. Everyone in the bar looks at her, and most of them want her to come up from the counter straight upside down. This person loves to be in the spotlight, giggles, cries and jokes are not always funny jokes. Sometimes she can get so pissed that she will straighten herself out of the bar or chair, and someone will have to deliver her home. The girl should make sure that she is the coolest, and that everyone around knew about it. When the bartender says that she needs to shut up, he speaks for every person in this bar. It’s better not to bump and shout, but just get out, blather, order a taxi, get into it, go home, where such a girl is waiting for her cat.

Stars. The real nightmare begins when some new-fangled star from the shitty modern series or group comes into the bar. She starts to bore, pile up accusations and do all the same things that all people do on this list. And that’s bad.