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The history of brewing totals more than 7 thousand years. Even then, beer was considered to be a drink for the elite – a DRINK OF GODS, famous for its tonic taste. It is this kind of drink that is considered to be live, not pasteurized beer, which is brewed here – in the restaurant-brewery “PORT-ROYAL”. Prepare beer on European equipment, according to Czech technology, from German raw materials. Its peculiarity is moderate bitterness and aroma of hops, exquisite malt taste, in which there is a subtle aroma of flowers. The symbol of the restaurant “PORT-ROYAL” is a sea sailboat, with wind-filled sails, which is located in the center of a picturesque summer playground. When you sit on the deck of the ship, listen to the murmur of water flowing down the stones of the waterfall, and you are served by a waiter in a stylized form under the sea form, gives the impression of a real journey on the waves. The restaurant is also stylized as a ship. The hall on the first floor is the hold of the ship, in which heavy wooden tables and benches stand, and the hall on the second floor is the deck, there are the boats of the boatswain and captain (banquet halls). It is noteworthy that the production of beer can be seen here, behind the bar. Behind a glass wall, barrels rise with fresh beer. And for those who are interested in the brewing process even deeper, excursions are conducted on the brewery. In the “PORT-ROYAL” there are three categories of mugs: a volume of 0.3 l, 0.5 l, and a beer mug with a volume of 1 l. As you know, a beer mug is your own sea of ​​pleasure on your table. A mug of good beer stimulates appetite, that’s why we offer a wide range of meat, fish and vegetable snacks and dishes so that the pleasure of visiting our restaurant was complete. For fans of “hot” in the “PORT-ROYAL” there is a sauna with a large relaxation room, where in between water procedures, you can drink beer and watch a sports report. And if you “razmorilo”, you can leave your car in a guarded parking lot, and spend the night in comfort in the rooms at the restaurant. Did not have time to wash your car? No problem! The restaurant “PORT-ROYAL” has its own contactless car wash, and thus, resting in our restaurant you also wash your car. The PORT-ROYAL restaurant also offers free access to the intranet via WiFi, which is: On-line news and e-mail at any time in the halls of our restaurant; Web conferences and business meetings in a cozy atmosphere; The opportunity to always be aware of the events. For lovers of outdoor activities in the restaurant “PORT-ROYAL” there is an excellent tennis court, with a hard “hard” coating. For the convenience of players there is a cloakroom, shower, sport equipment rental.

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1 April 2023
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