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The buffet is an ideal place for a quick and hearty snack in relaxing atmosphere. Find a suitable buffet from our list and definitely visit it! We have a rating of institutions, their photos, comments of visitors, addresses and other contact details. Plan your route to the best buffets on the map of your city with our help.

The buffet is a small catering company that provides its visitors a choice of limited list of ready-to-eat dishes. Self-service and limited service by the staff are practiced here (flying buffet is a practice when staff carries on some dishes on trays and visitors choose the one they like). There are also many different snacks and drinks in the buffet. This place can be an independent enterprise as well as a part of institution. For example, a buffet in the restaurant is a part of this restaurant itself. It provides visitors an opportunity to have a snack while waiting for their table or for main course. But buffet in the airport or hotel is an independent unit. Here the visitor can eat fully before the flight or leaving hotel.

Buffets vary according to location and style. They are not limited to the classical aspects of restaurants. You can easily find seasonal buffets full of seasonal dishes or thematic ones full of special food. There are still cold buffets with snacks, and hot ones with hot soups and dishes. Buffets are also divided into stationary and mobile. It is a universal type of institutions that is ready to satisfy various wishes of customers, such as organization of weddings, anniversaries and corporate parties.