Fun facts

1. August 4, 1668, the monk Dom Perignon invented a sparkling drink “Champagne”. By law, only France has the right to call its sparkling wine “Champagne”. Producing sparkling wines in France began relatively recently, from the end of the 17th century, and in the 19th century their production became massive. And only at the beginning of the last century France received an exclusive right to call its sparkling wines “champagne”.

2. One Dutch restaurant has introduced a rule according to which the client, having had lunch, pays not on the account, but as much as he deems necessary. Imagine the restaurant is booming, and its owner admitted that on average he gets a one and a half dollar more from the customer than if he showed him an account.

3. In Kuwaiti restaurants, it is forbidden to serve unopened oysters. The Kuwaiti authorities considered this a kind of gambling, since in any of the shells there may be a pearl.

4. It turns out in Brazilian restaurants with visitors taking a fine if they did not finish the ordered! This is a difference with the European-American, and already with our traditions, when visitors take away with them the half-eaten.

5. In New Hampshire in restaurants and cafes it is forbidden to knock with your foot, shake your head and tap your fingers on the table in time with the music.

6. Dr. Alice Chase, who wrote the book Healthy Nutrition and many books on proper nutrition, died of malnutrition.

7. The feeling of hunger disappears in man after 21 minutes after he has eaten a piece of bread.

8. Every year more money is spent on alcohol and cigarettes than on life insurance.

9. On average, a person drinks up to 750 liters. water a year, and for all life eats 35 thousand rolls and 70 thousand cutlets.

10. To commit suicide with coffee, you need to drink 100 cups in a row.

11. 7% of Americans eat daily in McDonald’s restaurants.

12. In 1995, for the first time in history, the Japanese ate more meat than rice.

13. English coffee with milk is called “white coffee”.

14. Charles de Gaulle once remarked about France: “How can you manage a country in which 246 kinds of cheese?”.

15. The Flemish naturalist of the 16th century, Carl Closius, spoke of chocolate as follows: “It is more suitable for feeding pigs than for human food”.

16. Fanta is the world’s third most popular non-alcoholic beverage after Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

17. The sandwich was invented by John Montague, the fourth Earl of Sandwich.

18. Roquefort cheese is molded with penicillium rocforti.

19. Dry wine is called dry, because it completely (“dry”) sugar is fermented.

20. Drinking coffee sex much more often and enjoy more than those who do not drink coffee.

21. After 1680, each frenchtuzu older than 7 years was charged with the obligation to consume annually 7 pounds of salt. For the infringement of this law, the guilty party was lobbied to the price of 300 livres.

22. In the restaurant Bollesje, located in the former prison of the German city of Rüdesheim, the guests in front of the entrance are fingerprints and read the rules of conduct. Then visitors are invited to try the “thieves cocktail” and put on a prison robes, in which they for a while are immersed in the atmosphere of prison life.

23. In the middle of Broadway in New York, you can travel back to the 50s. The interior and menu of the restaurant Ellen’s Stardust correspond to the typical “diner” (roadside restaurant) of those times. All the attendants – professional singers, entertaining visitors with variety numbers.

24. In Oslo there is a fish restaurant “Kit”, in which if you show documentary evidence that you wear the name of Jonah (in any version) – from Jonas to Yunus, you will get a free roast from the cetacean, and if your name is derived from this name, you Dinner is free. As compensation for the suffering of the biblical Jonah in the womb of the whale.

25. According to a survey conducted by the British restaurant chain Pizza Express, 70% of women reserve the right to choose a restaurant, (69%) choose all meals for both persons, (58%) manage to lay the whole process in 5 minutes and the responsibility for wine tasting is taken for themselves are still the same 70% of the women surveyed.

26. Honey was the best Russian drink until the end of the XVII century. All foreigners living in Muscovy, unanimously praised the dignity of Russian honey. It was drunk by kings, patriarchs and commoners. The absence of the owner of honey was considered a sign of extreme poverty. Prior to the reign of Peter I in Russia did not know such drinks as tea and coffee; vodka has not yet become widespread.

27. Not so long ago in nightclubs in the English city of Brighton, a giant snail 30 cm long and weighing half a kilogram was demonstrated as an attraction. She was famous for drinking beer.

28. The history of human nutrition is amazing. About two hundred years ago the world did not know any food concentrates, nor ways of artificial freezing. Even the most civilized countries often suffered from famine caused by crop failure; the lack of necessary forage crops led to massive fall slaughter of cattle; often people had to eat for months on corned beef and smoked meat. Even earlier, three hundred years before, in the food of Europeans there was no potato, corn, coffee, tea.

29. About 500 years ago, alcoholic beverages were already widely used, as evidenced by the first decisions of local authorities against drunkenness. Several generations later, the sailors of the Dutch fleet nearly raised a riot when the ale in their daily diet was replaced by gin.

30. Fork – the composite part of the cutlery, for the first time a fork in the form of a golden shiltsa on an ivory handle was made in a single copy for the Byzantine princess in the early seventies of the 11th century, almost a thousand years ago. In Italy, in Venice, the fork became known through Byzantium in the 12th century. and was made for the Doges, emperors, popes with two prongs in single copies, rather as a toy, a toy.

31. Chile is called a wine-growing paradise. Wine in Chile began to do since the middle of the XVI century, when Christian missionaries appeared here. True, the drink they produced did not cause true connoisseurs anything but a grin. Here is how the French historian André Julien describes the Chilean wines of that time: “They have the color of rhubarb and senna broth, and the taste is quite close to the taste of tarred goatskins, in which these wines are transported”.

32. The ancient Greeks appreciated the figs to the same degree: for his smuggling could be brought to trial for treason.

33. Muslims almost banned coffee because of its exciting action – the mufti equated coffee to forbidden wine.

34. On October 25, 1955, the American company Tappan Company first introduced a microwave oven. The price of new items was 1200 dollars. The American engineer Spencer invented a microwave oven. In 1945, Spencer received a patent for the use of microwaves in cooking, and in 1949, his US patent produced the first microwave ovens to rapidly defrost strategic stocks of products.

35. People who regularly include chili in their diet noticeably improve their sleep quality, reports ABC. These interesting data were obtained by scientists from the University of Tasmania (University of Tasmania), who over the past 18 months have studied the effect of chili on the health and well-being of people.

36. British scientists decided to make life easier for sloths, and also for amateurs to save time. They invented a teapot, which can be turned on by SMS. As Ananova reports, now without getting up from the sofa or on the way from work it is enough to type the word “Turn on” and send a text message to your kettle, and he will start boiling water.

37. German crooks have developed a technology by which a beer mug can inform the bartender of when it is necessary to pour an extra portion of beer to the client. According to experts who developed the novelty, they were forced to “talk” the mug with the help of sensors that are built into a flat stand for a beer glass.

38. Brewing company Asahi Breweries in November-December begins in Japan, the sale of a new drink Asahi Super Yeast Draft – a beer, the taste and flavor of which change over time. If the bottles are stored at room temperature between 10 ° C to 20 ° C, the second phase of fermentation is guaranteed by specially selected yeast. The changes begin in 30 days from the date of manufacture, in another two to three months the beer noticeably changes, while, according to the company, “freshness remains.” The drink will be poured into bottles with a volume of 334 milliliters. The retail price is 210-220 yen (approximately $ 2).

39. The opinion that coffee is in fact a useful drink has now received scientific confirmation. It not only refreshes the mind and stimulates the body, coffee provides organs with antioxidants more than any other food product. This is evidenced by a published study of American scientists.

40. 33-year-old American Donald Gorske called the king of the “big poppy”. The fact is that during his life he ate twenty and a half thousand of these “high-calorie bombs”.

41. The loudest eructation documented on the film was ripped from the throat of British Paul Hannah, 34 years old. The strength of sound was 104.9.

42. The most expensive omelet in the world can be tasted at the New York restaurant Norma? S. It is called the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata and costs 770.47 euros.

43. The new chef of the White House for the first time in history was a woman. The search lasted six months, and they were personally led by First Lady Laura Bush. A native of the Philippines, Christopher Comerford was 10 years old as an assistant to Walter Scheib III, who resigned as chef in February. W. Sheib was appointed to this post by Hillary Clinton. He recently signed a contract, according to which he will write a book on how to prepare food in the White House.

44. The British Bureau of Food Standards (FSA) first published the official definition of the multifaceted concept of “junk food”. “Junk” (junk) in English means “junk”. So far, such popular products as cornflakes, oat bran, sugar oats, hamburgers and roast chicken from fast food restaurants, white chocolate, salted nuts, potato chips, as well as a variety of “colas” and sodas have fallen into the black list.

45. What remains to be done, when the depression is rolling, everything falls from the hands, and love brings only suffering? As the study showed, a third of British boys and girls escape from unhappy love of food. Priory estimates that about 11 million British adults experience nutritional problems. 52% of adult survey participants admitted that they chew chocolate when not in the mood, while the other 25% lean in that case on hamburgers or on french fries.

46. Extravagant but essentially useless gifts, such as expensive lunches and opera tickets, are the most effective way for a man to win the heart of a woman. This is evidenced by a new British study. But when a man pays for entertainment on his first date, he often keeps gifts of long-term value for later.

47. It turns out in Brazilian restaurants with visitors taking a fine if they did not finish the ordered!!!

48. So, according to the ancient recipe, it was necessary to chop the small fish and all its entrails into a giant vat, pouring in layers of salt and leaving this vat in the sun. Within a few days, the contents of the vat should be stirred occasionally. After the mash was at the right time in the sun, the amber liquid is strained from it, which is the sauce, and at the bottom remains a sediment from rotten fish… With a similar sauce, hot dishes are prepared and products are fried…

49. In O’Noir Montreal, everything is done in dark colors. To carry guests to their tables, waiters have to use night vision devices. In Canada, this idea “improved” – in the local dark restaurant only blind waiters work. In black premises it is forbidden to use lighters, mobile phones and other devices with illuminations.

50. How about we dine at Dinner in the Sky? The height of 50 meters above the ground, a table for 22 people, three cooks, a waiter and entertainers – that’s what you need for a heavenly dinner or dinner. All this company raises the crane in the sky. By the way, guests have to wear seat belts.

60. In Modern Toilet Taipei in Taiwan, dishes and chairs are made in the form of toilets. In this menu is no different from similar institutions. But, according to restaurant owner Eric Wang, this restaurant is very fun.

61. Gluttons and lovers of meat dishes should visit the restaurant Big Texan Steak Ranch Amarillo in the US. In it you can eat for free a steak, weighing 2 kg. One nuance – you need to cope with the dish strictly in an hour. Otherwise, you have to pay.