Original promotions in restaurants and bars

Insolvent customers of restaurants in Lithuania to pay the bill can take the so-called fast loan on the spot. To get a “restaurant loan” you need to fill out a special form and hand it to the waiter with an identity card. There will be a call from a credit company consultant who will recheck the person’s personal data, and if that’s right, the money will immediately go to the client’s bank account. Lend in this way without collateral can be from 5 liters to 1 thousand liters.

In Great Britain several expensive restaurants allowed visitors to bring alcohol with them – for free or for a small surcharge. Thus, the institutions support the program – “bring your own bottle”. At the same time it is not recommended to bring cheap alcohol with you – a bottle of wine worth less than 12 pounds (14.5 euros) can cause refusal to visit the restaurant.

Restaurant in the suburbs of Sydney became the first institution in the world in which the traditional paper menu was replaced with iPad tablets. The management purchased for the restaurant 15 devices iPad. Now customers can view the list of dishes using a specially developed application for the iPad and choose the foods you like with the touch of a button. Each name of the dish is accompanied by a photograph and a description of its composition.

In the suburbs of Toronto a restaurant was opened. This institution, for the first time in North America, gives preference to its left-handed visitors. Those who have the left hand is more developed and basic, will be given special attention. The menu here opens like books in Israel, from left to right. The forks take up space to the right of the plates, and the knives on the left.

In the Catalan restaurant you can have dinner and stay overnight. Near the ancient mansion, where the institution is located, five futuristic suites have been built. Inside, except for a mini-bar and a small closet, there is nothing: no beds, no other furniture, no phones – just a wide couch. While the guests are dining in a restaurant with a star in the Michelin star rating, the maid turns the couch into a low comfortable bed and fills a small bath with warm water.

In the bar near Budapest organized a public library where clients drink and read at the same time. The leaders of the bar got bookshelves, put them next to the tables and over one weekend filled them with more than a thousand different books – from collections of ancient Greek myths to modern sports encyclopedias. According to the owners, their establishment became popular because to read and drink to the bar come and those who would not go to the ordinary public library.

The owner of one of the restaurants in Austria, having bypassed the ban on smoking in public places, arranged an action, which smokers will appreciate. He just got a license from the owner of the tobacco kiosk. Now in his bar, in which part of the place is reserved for the sale of cigarettes, guests eat, drink and smoke. The only place left for smoking is a small room on the first floor. There are no violations of the law, since the document on smoking cessation does not apply to tobacco shops. And to forbid to eat and drink in tobacco shops legislators yet have not guessed.