9 amazing facts about restaurants and cafes

(1) Starbucks coffee houses specially set up round tables so that guests do not feel lonely.


(2) In the small town of South Berwick in the US state of Maine, a man who stopped a car near the cafe Dunkin Donuts (the institution where fast food is sold), faces a fine of 175 dollars. So the local authorities are fighting for the health of the nation. Well, at the same time the local budget is replenished.

(3) The main income of the company «McDonalds» bring drinks, and, regardless of the country of location.


(4) In Nanjing (China) there is a restaurant for those who want to relieve stress. Customers can throw and smash dishes, glass, tables, etc. Here and there you can even beat waiters, which work muscular young people.

(5) As of the end of 1998, during its existence, McDonald’s, founded in 1948, sold 100 billion hamburgers.


(6) If a visitor to McDonalds does not name the size of the portion, “by default” they sell the largest.

(7) The revenue of IKEA restaurants is more than 5% of the total revenue of the furniture group. Over a year, 600 million customers are serving in the restaurant of the network, the profit of this division is about $ 1.5 billion.


(8) Fast food restaurants often include fast music, because for such music, visitors quickly eat up their food, which means they quickly free up space for new customers.

(9) 7% of Americans eat daily in McDonalds.