Facts about the restaurant business

Would you like to know in which country you are fined for the fact that a restaurant visitor has not finished his meal? Or how tall is the tallest restaurant? Or about where you can eat steak weighing 2 kilograms absolutely free? If, really, interesting, then you just need to read this article…


1. Who would have thought that the restaurant administration could fine a visitor if he did not eat the ordered dish? However, this is exactly what happens in restaurants in Brazil. I wonder how would they react to the attempt of Russian tourists to take the leftovers with them?

2. An unforgettable impression is produced by the specific standards of the German restaurant Bollesje. He is in Rydesheim, in the building of the former prison. To immerse the guests in the atmosphere of places of detention at the entrance, they are introduced to the norms of behavior and fingerprints. But that’s not all. Then visitors should put on their prison robes and drink a glass of the so-called thieves’ cocktail.


3. It turns out that the opinion that in all restaurants must be cheated is out of date. In Holland, there is an amazing institution, guests who pay for food is not a fixed price, but as much as they want after dinner. Strange as it may seem, everyone leaves a little more money than would have been accounted for. As a result, the restaurant is prosperous.

4. Another incredible innovation in the restaurant business is that now the owner of the establishment can be anywhere in the world and manage his business through a tablet. Such a program for restaurant automation and cash register equipment can be purchased at https://joinposter.com/, with a price of just over 1000 rubles. Excellent service, automation of work, convenience for customers.


5. Broadway restaurant Ellen’s Stardust, like a time machine, carries into the atmosphere 50 years. Its design, furnishings and assortment of dishes completely copy the old roadside restaurants. As the staff there are professional artists who succeed each other on the stage.


6. Incredibly, but true: customers of New Hampshire restaurants do not have the right to “play along” with music, tapping their fingers on the table top. They are also forbidden to tap their feet and do rhythmic head movements.

7. Do you want to eat a piece of meat that weighs 2 kg, for free? Then your way is in Big Texan Steak Ranch Amarillo. But this American restaurant puts one small condition: if you do not manage the steak for 1 hour, you will have to pay the bill.

Big Texan

8. English Brighton came up with another know-how: he surprised visitors to nightlife with a snail of incredible size. She weighed 500 grams and, to the delight of the guests, drank beer.

9. The owner of the Taiwanese restaurant Modern Toilet Taipei came up with another “chip”. He gave the chairs and dishes the shape of the toilet bowls. The menu remains normal. They say that visitors of a unique institution are very happy with such exoticism.


10. In the capital of Norway, lucky for those who call Jonah. In the famous fish restaurant with the name “Kit” it is enough to show an identity card and you will be treated with a hot from the whale for nothing. The reason for such generosity is the biblical parable of Jonah and his agony in the whale’s belly.