Promotion of the restaurant and cafe

DESIGN OF THE RESTAURANT — this is quite a labor-consuming and extremely entertaining process, the same statement can be attributed to the promotion of cafes. In this article we will try to summarize as much as possible how to draw up a plan for promoting the restaurant and cafe so that the marketing development of the restaurant or cafe itself is effective and your establishment is replenished with new visitors. We will also consider some tips for promoting a cafe and a restaurant.
In fact, in the case of a cafe or restaurant, the difference in the marketing plan itself is not essential, because the principle of working with the target audience will not be strikingly different and the very essence of the restaurant and cafe promotion will vary by market segment by class.

To determine the plan for promoting the restaurant and cafe, as in the case of standard website promotion, it is first necessary to define several parameters of the establishment. Here’s what specifically:

From the level and class of the institution, in many ways will be based on the types and ways of addressing the target audience, as well as channels. Here you can put the same: Class = target audience.

Also refers to the class of the institution, but you need to understand the real average check. This will allow further work on its increase.

An important component, as we are talking about the marketing development of a restaurant and cafe on the Internet, and customers from the street are also customers and they need to work with them and offer the same actions, engage in processes and communicate on the Internet, building the right communication.

It is important for advertising and segmenting the target audience for more detailed advertising appeals and, as a result, managing the average check.

A very important part of a modern institution and with the promotion of a restaurant and a cafe is worth considering. We advise everyone to use the takeaway food with the delivery, if not already, and if already it is used as a strong side for the promotion of the cafe and restaurant. The main thing in this business is to establish a fast and convenient service.

An integral part of the promotion of the restaurant and cafe, if we are talking about the retention and return of customers. There are lots of different implementations, but it certainly should be.

So, these are small issues that can already lead to the right thoughts and adjust or make a marketing plan for the restaurant and cafes in the right direction. The very plan to promote a restaurant or a cafe consists of only a few items that look something like this:

The first is goals such as occupancy of halls, emphasis on certain services, increasing the average check, forming a network … and much more.

1. The composition of the proposal – distribute the TA to groups
2. Promotion composition – depending on the TA groups, various promotional offers are made
3. Composition of channels – distribution of channels of circulation to TA
4. Stages of advancement – distribution of checkpoints of promotion, as a rule from 2 to 5 stages, depending on the purposes.

Approximately such a structure should have a plan for the marketing development of the restaurant and cafes. Budgets and deadlines may also vary depending on the goals. So after drawing up the plan, you can safely move on to tactical steps and chips that are better to use when promoting a restaurant and a cafe than not to use.

We hope that there will be no problems with the plan, and if so then we turn to practical and effective advice on the marketing plan for the restaurant and cafe.

Now there are practically no restrictions on the composition of your own position, because the Internet gives you almost unlimited opportunities for creating an image of an institution, for example, photo interiors and employees in work or open kitchen will give your institution a more intimate and human look.

You can also make the institution of a certain orientation and collect visitors by interests. All this is quite individual and you can spend a lot of effort and budgets to work out the positioning, but in the end it will pay off with interest.

For example, one of the coffee shops in the United States of America increased sales by half with the announcement that the institution has now become a zone without gadgets. Visitors must turn off their devices before making an order.
Thanks to this, the coffee house received not only PR in the network and filled the institution with new visitors. And as practice has shown, turnover has accelerated due to the fact that visitors are not distracted by the photo of food or walking around the net on gadgets quickly had lunch and went on business, making room for new visitors. In addition, food is harmful distractions.

Promote in the instagram is not an institution, and shift the emphasis on food and food photos. Make beautiful dishes and post to the tape, and generally when moving to the café’s instructional games, there are a lot of chips that you can write about a lot, from time to posts to their content, from tags to comments and working with reviews and celebrity invitations.

With all this, try to make the food and dishes in the instagram the most important fact about the institution. Do not forget what need is primarily satisfied by your customers.

How can I get to you? That’s what’s important when you’re hungry and time is short. Search in Google restaurant cards can result in success or failure and you either receive an order or not. Promotion in Google maps is quite a large task, entrust it to specialists and the results will be very impressive. Take it seriously and download the account to GLB as much as possible. Promotion of cafe and restaurant in Google maps is an important component that should not be neglected. Publish news there, ask to leave feedback, motivate customers for this – because it works.

After the channels are defined, look at the possibility of advertising a restaurant with geotargeting. Show advertising to a cafe or restaurant to those who, for example, within a radius of 5 kilometers, this way of advertising is much more effective than advertising for the whole city. You can also use temporary bid adjustments and ad schedule. Now the toolkit in both Adwords and Facebook allows you to flexibly configure the campaign.

Customize your site, application and public on social networks using lidogeneratsii. Now on the Internet there are many books and websites with advice on lidogeneration, where the tactics are detailed and simple, which are applicable in most cases. Assistant in lidogeneratsii will discounts and bonuses, you can use the prototype of the referral program. In general, fantasize 🙂

Crowd is fashionable, but it’s trite to work with reviews with coverage of various sites. For sure, in your city there are aggregators and specialized sites, where you can get feedback. Also, work in Google Local Business, Facebook, post reviews on your own site. Enter a system of discounts for feedback or, as an option, just make compliments from the cook, but do them nicely so that the visitor wants to tell you about himself. It does not happen without misfires and sometimes you can get a negative, the advice is simple: work with negative feedback and never delete them. Yes, the topic of the reviews is so deep and it is possible to go very far, in the good sense of these words.

So we have sorted out a little with the promotion of the restaurant and cafes, we know how to make a plan for promotion, and also got acquainted with the tips for promoting a restaurant or a cafe. The theme of the promotion of the restaurant and the cafe is so multifaceted and interesting, and the degree of involvement of the owner is high and at the same time responsible that, as a rule, all the fronts can not work efficiently sometimes, so if necessary, you can always take the help of professionals in promoting a restaurant or cafe and get impressive results.