What if the attendance of a cafe, bar or restaurant dropped?

There are old ways, like cafes themselves, they are used by everyone to promote their restaurants, cafes and bars.

Let’s briefly list them, and then go on to those ways that will increase your attendance quickly and inexpensively. As you probably guessed, we will increase the attendance via the Internet!

You have already drawn cool and beautiful leaflets, printed 10,000 pieces and your waiters or “specially trained people” are already distributing them. But even the fliers handed out near the nearest metro and at the crossroads are not given as many visitors as you expected. It may be that you are distributing at the wrong time, or in the wrong place. For example, on Friday, or early in the morning, it all depends on what kind of business you have.

You already organize a mega show for each holiday, which is very inexpensive, but if you count everything, then not much revenue is brought to you by these events, but the big plus is that people to you can come back many more times, but is this% of returning visitors so great ?!

Outdoor advertising. You hung all the lights and boards with your advertising materials, even the asphalt is strewn with your advertising, your advertisement is visible to everyone, even passing by the blind, through the outdoor speakers, it is known that you have the second cup of coffee for free today.

Your menu is so refined and varied that it can please any connoisseur of drinks and food.

Of course, you have the most polite and most handsome staff!

You can enumerate to infinity, all this you already know, but you need visitors and already this weekend!?


So, I want to tell you about how to increase the attendance of a hotel, restaurant, cafe or bar.

I would like to dwell on each type of institutions separately, let’s start, perhaps, with the situation when the attendance of the restaurant dropped.

The first thing to do if you have dropped the attendance of the restaurant is to do a little analysis, because of what attendance could fall, because of the staff, the place, the competitors, the menu or the other … But, if this is all right, then you need to start promoting your restaurant on the Internet.

The main points of how to improve (increase) the attendance of the restaurant through the Internet!

  • Create a restaurant site with menus and prices (it is open 365 days and 24 hours, which will allow visitors to answer 90% of questions about the work and prices of the institution);
  • Create profiles in social networks, and promote them (publish in them competitions and announcements about promotions and discounts, events);
  • Run remarketing for your site, visitors who were on your site will see your events, and will come to them to you (thus, you will greatly increase% of regular visitors);
  • Collect mails on the site, in the future you can target them (this will allow you to quickly disseminate information about discounts and promotions, quickly attract attention to yourself, for example, before the holidays);
  • It is important to lead groups in the FB, where you can not only contact the audience, but also make a list for targeting in the FB (in Facebook it is easy and convenient to contact the audience)
  • Register the site on the reviews of restaurants and reviews, raise your restaurant in the top ranking, on sites such as (Trip Advisor, booking), take the restaurant card to the first place in the ratings of such sites, and you will immediately notice a large influx of visitors in the near future;
  • Actuality of contacts: follow the contacts that are located on your site and on the cards of the reviews sites and other sites where you were located. This is important, since you can lose a large order (for example, to celebrate a new year, or birthday, corporate), and these are good amounts!
  • How to increase the attendance of the bar, cafe

    If you have dropped the attendance of your bar or cafe, first of all you need to understand the target audience of the bar. Who goes to your bar, what your price policy and location, center or outskirts of the sleeping area – these moments play a huge role. You also need to understand that the music of your bar should match your audience. You, of course, can diversify your playlist and put songs for visitors, but this requires a “specially trained person” who does not always exist, and the barman is not always interested in this.

    Music and the location of the bar affect attendance, as well as the price of the audience that comes to you.


    But let’s figure out how to raise (raise) the attendance of a bar and cafe via the Internet?

  • Register your bar on all popular maps (Google maps, Yandex maps, Map ..). This will quickly attract visitors – many who are looking for places to relax nearby by phone (for example, karaoke bars are searched 80% of the time from the phone).
  • Create a website, create a compelling mobile version (as mentioned earlier, most people are looking for bars from mobile phones), contacts should be visible on every page of the site.
  • Register your bar in popular rankings and bring it to the top of these ratings – people will come to you because of interest.
  • Also, to increase the attendance of the bar works well registration of the site on the reviews sites. Manage your reputation and reviews and more visitors will come to you.
  • Create events, invite live performers, publish all this on the site and in social networks, in advance, create and lead groups in social networks.
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    There are many ways to improve or increase the attendance of a cafe, restaurant or hotel. Recently, more and more customers are coming through the Internet – do not neglect such a powerful tool to attract visitors!