Craft alcohol

Wave of manufacturing craft alcohol came to Ukraine from the USA. At home, such alcohol occupies more than a quarter of the entire market of alcoholic beverages, but in Ukraine no more than one or two percent. This is due to the fact that the first attempts to Ukrainian amateur brewers to show a wide range of flavors of alcohol brewed by “craft” recipes have been unsuccessful. Today craft revolution in Ukraine is in full swing and it will hardly stop the next ten years.

Every connoisseur of alcoholic drinks will be able to find something interesting in the crafted varieties of beer, ale, horseradish vodka or pepper vodka. After all, craft alcohol is primarily a search for new tastes, overcoming stereotypes and going beyond standard solutions. Many different tastes pleasantly surprise and delight visitors. But where to look for such drinks? Answer is simple – almost every brewery has its own bar nearby, sometimes even located in the same building. Here you will be offered not only alcohol, but snacks too.

For those who prefer to enjoy сraft alcohol at home or simply do not have time for visiting bars and restaurants, there is a home delivery in the city. This is a very convenient and popular service that allows you to enjoy the exquisite taste of your favorite drink at any time. And if you are not lucky and you do not have any institutions with сraft alcohol in your city, some companies can deliver their products with the help of logistics companies, but one bottle is not enough to make an order. Minimum order is one drawer.

If you are looking for something new for yourself, then crafted alcoholic beverages are exactly what you need. Once you try them – you will never want to drink normal alcohol.