Top-10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

№10. Schloss Schauenstein, Fuerstenau, Switzerland – average bill of 16,400 rubles.

In 2003, in the small town of Fürstenau in the Swiss Alps, chef Andreas Kamenada opened the restaurant Schloss Schauenstein. Ancient castle of the 12th century keeps the local and historical traditions of the mountain Switzerland.

Schloss Schauenstein is a small hall with only 16 guests for lunch and 26 for dinner – for this reason tables can be booked for several months in advance. In the building of the restaurant there are also 6 small but comfortable rooms fully equipped for all the requirements of modern hotels.

Chef Andreas Kaminada masterfully creates a series of six dishes: from goose liver with cheese from goat’s milk and sweet corn to baked trout under sauce with tarragon, beets and pea puree. Three Michelin stars talk about the excellent kitchen and the level of services in the institution. The average check is 16 400 rubles.


№9. Michael Bras Toya, Japan – average check 17 500 rubles.

At a distance of 228 km from Sapporo on the outskirts of Hokkaido island is located one of the most expensive restaurants in the world – Michael Bras Toya. Visitors to the restaurant have a spectacular view of the volcanic lake of Toia.

A stunning kitchen, marked by two Michelin stars, combines Japanese craftsmanship and French recipes. Wine lovers will be able to make a choice of 500 presented beverage varieties. The average check is 17 500 rubles.


№8. Alain Ducasse, London, United Kingdom – average check 17 600 rubles.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is a cozy restaurant in central London. The interior is decorated in warm, soft green and muted yellow tones. The establishment has three Michelin stars, the chef Joslin Erlan leads the kitchen.

The restaurant offers a tasting, seasonal, vegetarian, lunch menu and a huge wine list. The main delicacies of the restaurant: sea urchin, fried young squid, broth from crayfish, fillet of halibut. Dinner from the seasonal menu will cost an average of about 17,600 rubles., The dishes of the standard menu will cost cheaper – about 11,700 rubles.


№7. Hôtel de Ville, Switzerland – average check 19 400 rub.

The couple of Benoit and Brigitte Violet created a fine French restaurant that received three Michelin stars. One of the features of the institution is the change of dishes that takes place every season. As a result, I always want to return to this restaurant.

The fish for this institution is delivered fresh, directly from Lake Geneva, meat and real Swiss cheese – directly from the Friborg suburbs. The restaurant treats dishes such as watercress with crab, sturgeon caviar and served in three different ways by foie gras. Dinner with dishes from the chef will cost an average of 19,400 rubles., Dishes from the standard menu will be cheaper.


№6. Ithaa Undersea restaurant, Maldives – average check 19 500 rubles.

Underwater restaurant Ithaa Undersea restaurant is located at a 5-meter depth and is a room of 5×9 meters. There are 7 cozy tables for 14 guests. A huge panoramic dome made of acrylic glass allows visitors to admire the underwater world.

The restaurant is part of the tourist complex “Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa”, one of the most expensive on the islands. This means that in spite of all the non-budget price for entry to 7,300 rubles. the queue for the restaurant is lined up a month in advance! The average check for two is 39,000 rubles. The restaurant menu includes a large selection of fish dishes and shellfish.

The owners decided to offer the service of renting an underwater hall for the night in love couples who are ready to pay a decent rent for a rent and turn it into a bedroom.


№5. Aragawa, Tokyo, Japan – average check 22 500 rub.

In 2006 Forbes rated Aragawa as the most expensive restaurant in the world. And to this day he is still in the top five in the world. Located in the basement of an office building in the business district of Sinbasi, it accommodates a total of 22 people. The special location of this restaurant and limited accommodation only contributes to exclusivity. Aragawa is known for the best Kobe beef in the world.
Other delicacies include fried on charcoal Beefsteak Sanda, or whole smoked salmon. Sand’s beef is a special kind of meat, since the animal must meet very specific criteria. For this dish only elite elite cattle are selected, and the cooking process includes ten separate stages! Not including drinks, the menu of a complex lunch will cost approximately 22 500 rbl. per person, but this special dinner is worth it.


№4. Maison Pic, Valencia, France – average check 27 100 rubles..

The restaurant exists since 1889 and belongs to the Peak family, now it is run by Anna-Sofi Peak. The restaurant was awarded the Michelin star in 1930. The menu of the restaurant is replete with traditional French cuisine, while the menu is constantly updated. The average check is 27 100 rubles.


No. 3. Masa, New York, USA – the average check 27 450 rubles.

In the restaurant of chef Mas Takayama, lunch for one will cost 27,450 rubles. To delight visitors with unusual seafood dishes, the restaurant buys a large number of fresh products from Japan.

The restaurant has two main principles: simplicity and tangible taste of each ingredient. Dishes of the local menu at first glance may seem too simple, but the absence of all excess is part of the sophisticated philosophy that allows guests to enjoy the natural taste of each product.


№2. Restaurant Le Meurice, Paris, France – average check 31 000 rubles.

The restaurant of the French chef Alain Ducasse has 3 Michelin stars. Among local residents and tourists, the restaurant is considered one of the most prestigious in the whole country.

Visiting Restaurant Le Meurice you find yourself in a classic place, giving a feeling of royal luxury of medieval France. Starched tablecloths, expensive furniture from carved mahogany, crystal and table silver, all this secures a delicious menu from the best chefs in the world.

For 31 000 rubles. per person you will try three special dishes, which can be a lobster with Jerusalem artichokes or a wild bird with white truffles, plus cheeses to choose from and desserts.


№1. Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan – average check 36 600 rubles.

Kyoto Kitcho restaurant, built in the style of a traditional tea house, is located in Arashiyama, a picturesque old district of Kyoto, near the bamboo grove, near the bridge of Togetsukyo.
This restaurant boasts a chef’s dynasty. The current chef, who has a lot of awards, took matters from his grandfather. Visitors are offered a fine cuisine with local traditions and preferences. For dinner in the restaurant Kitcho guests give from 36 600 rubles.

The chef in the third generation Kunio Tokuoka offers an elegant series of dishes showing seasonal and local ingredients that guests can enjoy in separate rooms with tatami.

In 2017 it will be 87 years old.