Open kitchen

Institutions with an open kitchen are a special kind of restaurant institutions that not only cook delicious food, but also provide their visitors with extraordinary entertainment. Here you can watch the culinary magic of the chef. Right before your eyes, a set of ordinary products will turn into a tasty meal, which you can immediately try. Such cooking format creates a special relationship of trust between the visitor and the institution, so you will come back here again and again.

With the help of a special organization of the working process of the entire staff of the restaurant with an open kitchen, visitor always sees from what products his food is prepared. This allows you not only to observe the process with interest, but also to learn a few tricks from the masters of culinary arts. Due to the design of the hall in bright and warm colors, with the use of a large number of transparent surfaces, nothing will hide from the visitor’s eyes. In addition, for institutions with an open kitchen, advanced sanitary requirements are put forward, which additionally improves the quality of service and cooked food.

For greater convenience of customers, in such institutions, an island organization of space is often used. This implies that each table is not only a place for visitors, but also a full-fledged kitchen, where the chef arranges a small show for clients. If we talk in more detail about the show, then for their holding are selected not just good cooks and waiters, but possessing artistic talent.

Opportunity to communicate with the chef preparing your meal, to monitor the entire process and adjust it to your wishes, as well as the magnificent show that accompanies the entire cooking process, makes institutions with an open kitchen mandatory for visiting. You are sure to be happy with such a visit!