How to increase the revenue of the restaurant

Why feed the secretaries for free and let the waiters fool around during business hours


Do you want the restaurant to bring more money? There are two ways to achieve this result: either there should be more guests, or we must fight for an increase in the average check – the amount that a person leaves in a restaurant. Both in the end lead to an increase in turnover. We just need to understand what exactly we are working on at the moment.

Three ways to increase the number of checks

If we want to increase the number of checks, there are three ways.

The first is to attract new guests. Different people visit the restaurant at different times and with different purposes. It is clear that from the other end of Kiev for breakfast no one will go to you. So, if we are thinking of attracting people for breakfast or lunch, it’s logical to work with a map of a trading area, which, for example, includes offices around. You can bet on secretaries – all the information in the office through the secretary spreads quickly. Call offices in the neighborhood and offer secretaries in honor of opening two free lunches. You spend 20,000 hryvnia for a share, if you count at the cost of donated lunches. Advertising peretyazhka for a month, would cost you much more. Would she bring you a few hundred people? Yes, neither in life, with the abundance of advertising that is there.

тематическая вечеринка

In all institutions try to hold themed parties, work with subcultures different.

The second way to increase the number of guests is to increase the turnover of the table. Here all the work is at a speed: in two hours you should manage not three, but four times to feed people on one table. It is possible, if you all submit quickly, there are no delays, guests do not swear. Even more correct organization is important on Friday, when people in the bar stand in three rows and stretch for cocktails. Try your bars, which account for a large share of revenue, organize the most effective way: sign everything you need, all the bottles in their places. Order a tequila – the bartender stretches out his hand without looking, she’s here, and all that sort of thing.

супер офіціанти

The third is working with guests, increasing the frequency of visits of those who are already coming to you. This largely depends on the quality of work with the guest. This is what you need to work on above all. In our strategy, there is practically no attraction of new people, we do not give and never give any advertising – we need external advertising if you want to attract new guests.

Say, there is a certain Vasya, who on Fridays drinks with friends. He visits two Fridays to you, two to someone else. If I do so that he next month came to me not two times, but three, I’ll raise sales by half. If each guest comes one more time, this will be more than enough to make the restaurant grow and develop. For some reason people often do not think about this either in trade or in the restaurant industry. Do it so that Vasya came next month not two, but three times, much easier and cheaper than finding a man who never came to me, dragged him, give him beer at half price.

The issue of retaining guests is the right service and the right atmosphere in the hall. We never give discounts, even to regular guests. I clearly understand that discounts never lead to an increase in the frequency of visits. Although from a hundred hryvnia accounts my profit is only 20 hryvnia, and if I give you a 10% discount, then from my profit I give you 50%. I can not afford to give so much profit for loyalty. Therefore, I give much less.

Each shift manager has a PR budget, which he must present to the guests. And if managers save it, I’m more displeased than if they over-spend it. I hope they make decisions wisely. For example, a company of six people has come and these are guests who come regularly. The manager can invite them to pull a match and the one who pulled out a short one eats for free.

Our slogan is that people come to people, not to food, not to design. And the people who serve you in the restaurant are not just food deliveryers, they are part of the concept, part of my offer. Place on the main page of the site your entire team, where you can click on anyone and learn more about it. We are proud of our people, give them a lot of freedom, creativity and strongly support the creative.

команда офіціантів

We constantly try to generate something. That people come, and at us in a bar plays a cello, that the perfect absurdity in our case. That the waiters in the “sanchos” play – unnoticed someone must have whisked whiskers draw. They ask me how I make them. And I do not force them, I give them scope to show their idiocy and improve mood.

Work with the average check

What can I do to make the guest spend more? First, increase the number of positions in the check. It is very easy to control this indicator – the database gives you how many positions in the check and how much the visitor buys. If he buys two or three positions, you can set yourself the task, so that there are four of them – at the expense of additional offers, for example. Secondly, to sell not more positions, but more expensive positions. How?

Working with the average check at us most often comes down to different competitions for employees who we spend on selling a particular dish or specific drinks to expand positions in the check. Starting from playing lotto and ending with team games: for example, barmen against waiters. One of the most brilliant contests is the forfeit. The waiters write tasks in the morning: do this to a phantom, this is it. For example, kiss a guest in the back of the head or climb onto the bar and sing the song “A Christmas tree was born in the forest”, sell at least one dessert, sitting under the table. They throw it all in a pan or hat, the manager goes on and announces the top 5 dishes that are being played out today. These are dishes that increase the average check. As soon as one of the waiters sold the position from this list, he can indicate any of the colleagues who are to pull the phantom. The victim draws the task and executes immediately. On the one hand, this is the motivation of the waiters or bartenders, it’s fun, the mood is good. The second point is raising the average check: we are selling what we have to sell. The third is an increase in the number of checks due to word of mouth, because the guests are starting to get involved in this story. Ask the waiter what it was. Buy a special position from the list to see more shows. And most importantly – it does not cost me a penny.

The third way to increase the average check refers to the re-positioning of the institution – you begin to bring another audience, with higher demands: you attract some subcultures that are more affluent or decide how we do that there is simply no beer in the bar cheaper than 50 UAH.