We are their eyes

The client is not always right. “Black list” of guests of restaurants and cafes. As for pleasant communication, smiling and hospitality, in most catering establishments, they teach the notorious truth: “The customer is always right”. But sometimes there are such guests, whose “truth” is extremely difficult to accept. The waiters see the assembling image of such clients in their worst dreams. But first things first.

Do not say hello. Sometimes guests cause dislike even before they sit down at the table. For one simple reason: they do not consider it necessary to greet the waiter.

– You greet him – and you do not get reciprocity, just zero reaction. We are all different, someone, maybe, so in the habit. Not very pleasant, I would like, when you go to contact with a person, still get reciprocity. 

Broken at the time of ordering. According to the waiters, it is difficult to serve guests who do not listen when you repeat their order. From this, there may be mistakes, for example, when they bring highly gassed water instead of the mid-carbonated water.

– Having made an order, many guests believe that they have done their work, you can go, and we do not see or hear you. And then it turns out: “I did not want this, but another!”. But you had to listen when we repeated the order. 

Order this minute. If the waiters can still agree with the claims about the long wait for the dishes, then the phrase “Beer immediately!” causes them irritation.

– Customers believe that as soon as they pronounce the word “beer”, it should immediately appear on their table. Of course, we bring drinks in any case before meals. Naturally, you go on concessions (you never know – big thirst) and try, as far as possible, to speed up the process of dispensing beverages. But not everyone understands that the barman issues them according to a certain principle, and you still have to wait.

Do not warn that you need a separate account. Most of the waiters like to serve the big cheerful companies. But when at the end of the evening it turns out that each guest needs a separate account, it can get a lot of nerves. The fact is that in many cafes and restaurants separate accounts can be issued only if this is notified in advance by the waiter. And further indignation can hardly benefit: this is the feature of the program loaded on the terminal.

Are delayed. Fans will sit still “half an hour-an hour” after the closure of the restaurant is also on the black list of waiters.

-Under alcohol, people do not control themselves. Sometimes it goes all the way, when you realize that you still have to get home, the institution is ALREADY closed, and you are not paid any attention. Of course, this is annoying. We need to get somewhere! Some, probably, think that the institution should work until the last guest. But we can not afford it, because we are located in a dwelling house.

Bring food with you. Another unique type of guest – the one who always carries his own with him. So, there were several cases when customers were laid out in a restaurant with their potatoes and coffee or brought in pre-purchased cakes. The most surprising thing is that in response to the waiter’s complaints, guests simply come in – they write complaints. And they have to answer, which is particularly surprising for administrators.

Do not look after children. It is impossible not to mention the parents who come to the restaurant with young children and do not follow them.

– When you realize that you carry a tray of glass, you have a few dishes in hand and you can not notice this little child, but what if the glass breaks? I would like children to be with their parents. Is there anything that can happen.

Rude and treated like a servant. But all of the above is still flowers. Most of the waiters are annoyed by “poking” (“bring”, “give”) and the general impolite attitude of the guests to the waiters. Slip and direct insults.

Flirt. Sometimes waiters are offended by frank flirting, especially when it is completely out of place.